product market fit

Copyright Bill Watterson a lot of people smarter than me have written a lot of intelligent things about product market fit. i still get asked the »

three theses

ACINQ Lightning Implementation Live on their Testnet One of the unusual things about looking at promising crypto projects focused on decentralization is »

our investment into luno

a central challenge facing venture capitalists today is the decentralization of tomorrow's internet. while many won't admit it, venture capitalists often need centralization to create companies »

moving around

(Left) A screenshot of the central map UX of Carjump, centered on Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin. Each bubble is a car, bike or scooter. (Right) A »

holding the center - a letter

Shortly before the election my Grandmother, who is the most ardent Hillary supporter I know, wrote me and asked if I could help explain Trump's popularity. »

venturing out

A friend asked me recently, “What makes you think you can decide which ideas are good and which aren’t?” It wasn’t exactly an innocuous »